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Call Back Call Option for PAYG Callers

We have now enabled the call-back feature on our SMS service so that customers with PAYG mobiles or with a limited amount of inclusive free minutes/bundles, can now make low cost international calls using the SMS topup method.

How Call Back works

Step 1 - Purchase call top up credit using our «SMS topup service »
Step 2 - Once you have credit, phone the call-back trigger number 0330 977 9937
Step 3 - The system will either ring twice - or give a busy tone - and disconnect
Step 4 - You will receive an incoming call from 0330 977 9937, once picked up there is a prompt saying - you have xx credit please enter your destination number

Cost: The call-back to a standard UK mobile will cost 1.5p/min - the same as the UK mobile rate on the SMS topup service.

Save on Calls from PAYG mobiles to UK Mobiles and Landlines

With the call-back feature customers can now call a standard UK mobile for 3p/min from PAYG mobiles - that's 1.5p/min for the call-back + 1.5p/min for the UK mobile rate per minute.

This is by far the cheapest rate in the market to call UK mobiles from a PAYG phone!

Mobile networks usually charge between 10p to 30p to call other networks.

For example, see call rates below in pence per minute:

  UK landline UK mobile Ghana mobile Cameroon mobile Nigeria mobile Pakistan mobile
Call back Option(1p + 1.5p) = 2.5p(1.5p + 1.5p) = 3p(13p + 1.5p) = 14.5p(1.5p + 13p) = 14.5p(1.5p + 4p) = 5.5p(1.5p + 5p) = 6.5p
Lyca Mobile5p10p19p24p8p8p
TMobile10p10pTMobile PAYG plans   
O210p10pO2 PAYG plans   
Vodafone30p30pVodafone PAYG plans   

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